The Rev. Susan Fritz, Deacon

Hello I am Deacon Susan. I am a lifelong Episcopalian. I grew up in Milford, CT and left in 1974 to join the Navy. After the Navy I decided to become a government civilian which I enjoyed for 14 years. It was during those years that I answered the call to become a Deacon in the church. After a 3-year process I was ordained in September 2018. Following ordination, I was assigned to Christ Church Durham and St. James Indian Head and in February 2022, I continued my ministry to Christ Church Durham only.

I currently reside in La Plata, MD with my husband Michael. I have two children, Jessica (MD) and Jeffrey (RI) and 3 grandsons, Shawn (MD), Austin (RI) and Jordan (MD). I have two master’s degrees, Human Resource Management and Business Administration.

I am a 30-year Navy veteran and a 14-year civil servant. I retired in Sept 2018 to focus on being a deacon and working with the non-profit, Warfighter Advance Inc as a board member, chaplain, and treasurer. As a deacon I am involved in the community and continually working with the local school, Mt Hope/Nanjemoy and with Neighbors Eager to Serve (NETS).

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