Worship Ministries

Our worship each week depends on the participation of individuals through a variety of ministries. If you are interested in more information about any of these ministries, contact Rev. Catharine.

Acolytes carry the cross and assist the clergy during worship.

The members of the Altar Guild prepare and care for the worship spaces of our church, maintaining the vessels, linens, and appointments that form the tangible part of our worship together.

Our ‘Arimatheans’ are parishioners who assist at funerals by greeting attendees, carrying the cross in the procession to the grave, and tolling the bell.

Our choir is always eager to welcome folks who want to lift up their voices to God. The choir sings from Labor Day through early June.

Intercessors lead the congregation in giving voice to their prayers for the church, the world, and one another during the worship service.  Click here for the most recent reader/leader guide.

Readers bring God’s Word to life by reading from the scriptures in worship.  Click here for the most recent reader/leader training guide.

Our ushers welcome visitors, guide foot-traffic during the service, and serve as oblation bearers, bringing the bread and wine forward from the congregation to be blessed at Communion.

Stewardship and Governance Ministries

Maintaining and improving our beautiful property, cemetery, and physical plant requires a steady contribution of effort from our parishioners. We are blessed with a number of generous parishioners who contribute to this effort, and more are always welcome. Many hands make light work! Contact John Welch.

Christ Church, Durham Parish is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. The local governing body of an Episcopal parish is the Vestry. Our Vestry is made up of six parishioners, serving staggered three-year terms. The Vestry is chaired by the Rector, with the support and assistance of the Senior and Junior Wardens. Other officers of the Vestry are the Recording Secretary, the Clerk of the Vestry, and the Treasurer.

The parish operates under a set of bylaws, subject to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

The parish’s finances are monitored and administered by a Vestry-appointed Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is one of two standing committees per the Parish’s bylaws. It shares responsibility with the Vestry for the finances of the Parish in accordance with the Episcopal Church Manual of Business Methods.

The Finance Committee jointly develops a draft annual parish budget with the Vestry. It works closely with the Treasurer in regularly monitoring parish income and expenses, financial recording and reporting procedures, investment planning and performance, and results from an annual review of financial records. Recommendations for resolving issues in these areas are forwarded to the Vestry for their decision.

The Cemetery Committee is a standing committee appointed by the Vestry. Members of the committee manage the administrative and practical aspects of the cemetery. Please speak to the clergy or the Senior Warden if you are interested in serving.